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Windows 10 Free Video Editor Review

Today’s video is about the free video editor available in Windows 10 (2020).

I have tried it for you and I’m gonna share my editing experience with this tool: Video Editor is clearly not a tool for professionals, but it can be used by most of the people that just need to put some photos and videos together, with some music and some video effects, also in 3D.

There are some nice features in this basic software. You do not need to know about timelines, keyframes nor video formats. The video editor is really for the final user with a standard need to put together a nice video and share it on facebook 😉

to launch it, you need to open the windows menu and type video editor. Click on it and the tool will open on your screen.

How does the video editor works?

Click on new video project and choose a name for it. Once done, you will see the main screen of the program.

On the top left you have the project library, where you will have to import all the photos and video footage you want to edit. you can also add photos from the web. To do that, the video editor will propose an improved Bing image search, where you can easily find the photo you need for. You can also restrict the search to creative commons only, for the correct web citizen 😉

As a side note, if you need to record your screen, go and check how to do a video capture on Windows 10.

On the top right, you have the video preview section. you can play the video you are working on and also move frame by frame.

On the bottom, you have what they call the storyboard, which is nothing else than a simplified timeline.

It is possible to add title cards between the other videos or photos and you can choose some very nice predefined title templates.

For each video, there are a number of operations you can perform: Trim, split, change speed, change duration, add filters, add 3D effects, some basic motion operations and text overlays.

You can also add some background music all along the video, and add some audio files at specific locations, where needed.

I have found some bugs here and there: the video preview became totally black a couple of times and I could not find the project in the starting window once. Let’s hope those will be fixed soon by Microsoft.

In conclusion, I would say that the Windows 10 Free Video Editor is similar to some other tools you can have on your smartphone, may be a little more powerful, but in any case comparable to semi-professional tools also available for free on Windows.

I hope you learned something new today 🙂

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