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3D Animated Infographics in After Effects and Rotobrush 2 Tutorial

Today we are going to take the bar chart race Adobe After Effects tutorial from last episode and we will transform it into a 3D animated infographics with nice camera movements. Finally we will integrate the infographics with a rotoscoped footage, using the rotobrush 2.0.

I am going to spend more than 30 minutes with a step by step tutorial on how to work in 3D in After Effects with a very practical case. We will extrude all the layers from the bar chart race, using the Cinema 4D renderer in After Effects. I will tell how to create a simple camera rig to move the camera around in an easy way and we will also add some very smooth keyframes here and there to achieve a great camera movement.

I will also show you how to transition from the diagram infographics to the footage using the rotobrush and some other effect.

At the end I will explain how the typewriter animation preset works and what it can do.

Enjoy this 3D animated infographic!