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Data Driven Bar Chart Race in After Effects Part 2

We are back with an improved version of the Data driven Bar Chart Race in After Effects. This week we have added the possibility to limit the number of bar chart shown on the screen. So if you have 10 data sources in your CSV file, you can decide to show on the screen only the first seven. We have added cool animations when the bar chart moves away from the top ones and a specific change when the bar gets to the first place.

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As always, I am going to share the source code of the After Effects Project, so that everybody can learn something new.

I have also added more new configurable properties in the CTRL layer.

During the video I will discuss about the scope and limitations of expressions in After Effects, and quickly compare them to the scrips.

Enjoy the video! If you have question, either contact me on this site, or in the comments below the video on youtube.