Motion Design, Data Visualization and Animation


I am available for Freelance collaborations

Motion Design / Web Development / Video

Contact me on claudio (at)

I am based in Brussels, Belgium and available for remote collaborations.

Have a look at my Linkedin Page for some tedious but enlightening Professional Information about me, or at my Instagram Barba.claudio to see some of my animations/illustrations/drawings.

I was born in Trieste (Italy), a wonderful city by the sea in the northeast of Italy. I started working as a professional web designer and video editor at Luxa, an Italian web tv now disappeared. Adobe Flash (now Adobe Animate) was my best friend. I have collaborated with various clients for Web Design. I needed a bigger market to swim in, therefore I moved to Milan, where I started working for a big multinational, as a web developer. 4 years later I moved to Brussels, in Belgium.

I spent the following 15 years as Web Developer / Tech Lead / Project Manager in a big company, dealing with multinational and multicultural IT teams around the globe. I have intensively played with Java, PHP, Oracle, MySQL, Zend, Javascript and many other systems that only in a big company you can find.

Since 2017,  to improve my video animation skills, I took many classes (most important ones are After Effects Kickstart , Animation BootCamp, Cinema 4D Basecamp, Design Bootcamp, Illustration for Motion and Advanced Motion Methods) at the School Of Motion, an amazing and interactive Animation school with great Teachers. I now work with Adobe After effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Blender to create video and Data Animations and explainer videos.

In the last years I have learned React and After Effects Scripting, which lead me to create some nice Data Visualisation plugin for After Effects and lately I am happily playing with OpenAI APIs to see if I can be more clever with that 😁.

I am now Freelancing with clients needing my experience to achieve great results!