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Christmas illustration

Two more Christmas Animations and Happy New Year After Effects Videos

I have been pretty productive last december, mainly because I wanted to experiment some animation ideas in Adobe After Effects.

The first is the one I prefer: it started by wanting to have some fun with the new tape properties in After Effects 2021. The first Christmas tree grows by animating the end of a line shape layer. The width varies along the length using the tape properties.

I have also used the a lot the internal Particle effects in AE. in the first shot, the origin of the particles is even linked to the moving end of the Christmas tree layer.

The second part is the darkest one, where the corona virus is killed by the vaccine. Here I just tried to transmit the creepiness of the situation and the fatigue of the scientists, who finally achieve the goal of killing the virus.

The third scene is where Santa is coming back, using the CC Scatterize effect, and wishes a safer 2021 to everybody 😉

This is the tutorial I made, where I am going through most of the main issues I had to face during the realization of the video:

The second one was inspired by a tutorial I found for recreating fake 3d tape animations, so I came up to use the 3D tape to build a very stylized Christmas tree.

Let me know what you think about these videos in the comments on youtube! I try to answer all comments :=p