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Merry Corona Christmas Animation Video

It’s December, almost Christmas time, we are worried because of the corona pandemic and we are not sure if we will be able to spend holidays with our families and friends. That is the starting point of this Christmas Animation video card.

I have done it in Adobe After Effects in a couple of days, using 3d, camera movements and some particle emiters here and there. I have finally added some sound effects. The voices included are synthetically created.

Christmas Animation Breakdown

The Animations starts with a gray atmosphere, which I have obtained using an adjustment layer with a couple of effects:

  • Vibrance: to set the saturation to 0 and obtain the gray scale sensation
  • Uni.Grain 16 from Red Giant Universe: to add some subtle grains

After a few seconds we get into Christmas colorful mood. The adjustment layer is gone, and a quick camera movement is starting, to follow the trim path on the 2 paths depicting the Christmas Tree. I have created a null layer which follows the end of the trim path and attached a particle world effect to it.

At this point a new particle effect starts from the top of the tree to bring the eyes of the viewer to the bottom, where the text appears.

A moving background slowly appears, while the text adjusts to the final version with a stop motion style.

At the end the corona viruses are popping off and transforming to balls, while a third explosive particle effects fill the scene.

Let me know if you want me to publish a video to go through the details in the After Effects project.