Claudio Barba, Motion Designer and Illustrator

Illustration for Motion

I have recently completed the Illustration for motion course a the school of motion. I am taking on average one to two of their courses per year. It has always been a great experience and this one is no less than the previous ones.

This time, no animation, but just pure illustration conception, storyboarding and preparation of the design frames in the way needed by the animator.

Three intense months full of interesting explanations by the great Sarah Beth Morgan and so many good assignments to work on.

This project is the final one. We had to draw 6 to 8 design frames for an explainer video presenting the Wizard and Witches mountain retreat.

Funny subject for many happy hours in Photoshop.

I started with some small sketches of the eight scenes and created a first storyboard, with the Voice over, actions and also a first direction for the animator about the transitions between the frames.

Subsequentially, I drew one by one all the frames, using the layers in a way that would help the animator in the After effects animation.

I have finally updated the initial storyboard with the miniatures of the actual frames.

Final storyboard