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How to Video Record your Screen on Windows 10 (2020)

Did you know that if you have Windows 10, you have a super easy tool to video record your screen for free? You can record a browser, for instance, or capture your gameplay, if you are a gamer. Let’s discover how to use the xbox game bar to capture your screen on your PC.

In the following video, I will show you how to enable this video capture tool in Windows 10 and how to use it.

First you have to enable it in the Windows settings: Game bar settings.

Once enabled, you can open the game bar with the shortcut: [WINDOWS KEY] + G

You will not be allowed to record your desktop, nor your file explorer; that being said, you will be able to capture everything else: browsers, games, other software…

The game bar has been originally included to allow gamers to record the screen while they are playing. Particular attention has been put in the performances. You can infact open the performance window to monitor how your PC is keeping up with the game.

You can also record your audio with this tool, using a microphone, and even the system audio.

On the downside, there is no out of the box function to record your own camera, as you have for instance on Camtasia.

So, Have fun with this tool if you want to video record your screen. If you instead just want to take a screenshot, you might be interested by my other tutorial on how to take a screenshot on Windows 10.

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