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How to take a screenshot on windows 10

Some time ago I met some colleagues who were struggling trying to take a screen capture of part of the screen. If you have Windows 10, there is actually one great application for taking screenshots available to you: the snipping tool. Even better, in the last updates of Win10, you have also his newer version: the Snip&Sketch tool.

Have a look at the tutorial video I have recorded below to get clear instructions on how to use both tools and be able to get your screenshot in the application you want. You will see that you will never use again the old print screen key, after learning this new technique.

So, the important notion to retain is the shortcup for the Snip and Sketch tool: [Windows Key] + [Shift] + S

Do you still have questions about the snipping tool, or on how to take a screenshot on windows 10, or other screen capture applications? Just write it in the comments below the video on Youtube and I’ll do my best to answer 😉

Happy Screenshot to everybody!