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Cool Animation Short Movie by Marie Deboissy

I was just checking the staff picks on Vimeo and found this wonderful animation short movie by Marie Deboissy. I love so much the style of this short that I absolutely had to share it on here for you all, in case you did not see it already.

Colors are so rich and I can really feel the breeze of a hot summer night just by watching this Animation.

Here is the pitch of the story:

Oscar, 17, spends his summer with his mother and Marianne, who is thirty years older than him. This summer, an ardent desire emerges at Oscar for Marianne. Troubled by the awakening of this forbidden passion, an erotic and ambiguous relationship established between them. He will have to consume his desire to be freed from it.

I even like the sound design, subtle and immersive at the same time. Very good Job, Marie 😉

And you all… Enjoy the vision!