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Motion Design Marketing Video: my Workflow

After the video published last week to advertise the #WorldCancerDay, I have prepared a ten minutes tutorial about my workflow for creating this kind of marketing videos as a motion designer.

First I describe the idea and conception on a simple notepad, as easy as that. This is a super important phase as this is when I do my brainstorming. Actually, there is one thing I always do before the others (…and I forgot to mention it in the video, my bad!!) : looking around for good references and creating mood boards, with some styles I like.

Once my thoughts are one paper, I usually jump in Storyboarder to prepare the first round of boards. As I said in the video, Storyboarder is a free and powerful software to easily draw boards. The output of this second phase is a nice story board that can be shown to the other stake holders in this Motion Design Marketing Video project.

As the project has been relatively easy from the illustration point of view, I skipper the Design in Photoshop and jumped directly in After Effects, where I have drawn some of the illustrations using vectors. I have used the Pastiche plugin to generate and manage all the small pieces forming the images.

I also talk about sound design, briefly showing how I use Soundly to find sound effects and integrate them in After Effects. As this is an overview of my process, I could not go into too many details. Anyway, if you have any question, let me know in the comments and I will try to help you.

Of course Motion Design for Marketing Video is a vast subject and there are so many ways to do it, depending on the budget, the artistic direction, the time constraints.


Pastiche plugin for after Effects: