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World Cancer Day – Marketing Video

To honour the World Cancer Day, I have Created this Animation Marketing Video , with the hope to save at least one of the so many million people who die of cancer every year.

Actually I got the idea from a marketing provider who was proposing pre-made videos for special occasions, so I discovered about the 4th of February Cancer world day.

As you know, I am more an “animation video” type, so I took the occasion to work on a passion project for a subject I really care about.

This Marketing Video Creation Process

What’s better than testing a new plugin and having fun in After Effects when you feel that you are also helping somebody.. for free! So.. it was decided.. I had to install the Pastiche plugin on After Effects and work with it. (I bought it one year ago and never had the occasion to have fun with it).

After doing a quick storyboard in Storyboarder (Nice free application!) I opened After effects and designed the basic shapes that Pastiche would have used to trace the particles positions and movements.

After that I let Pastiche doing the magic, which I had to fine tune manually here and there 🙂

Finally I added the Texts, their animations and the Transitions.

No Voice over on this video, as I just let the music (from Youtube’s Free Library) and some sound effects (from Soundly, nice app!) drive the mind during the video!

…and about the content of the video…

You already heard these advises so many times, but they are still actual:

1. eat at least 5 healthy portions of fruits and vegetables every day

2. quit smoking

3. Drink less alcohol

4. Protect your skin from the sun

5. Share this message with the people you love

Take Care and get in touch if you want more info about the Marketing Video Creation Process!